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What has the internet marketing world developed into, other than a place where everyone seems to be selling and no one is listening. If you go to many groups or communities on the likes of Facebook, Linked in, or Google with the word “marketing” in it name you will see what I mean.

Quite often you have the same people endlessly promoting some product or service which they believe will make them rich, if you want to contact them privately you will often find it difficult unless you sign up for their offer.

The mentality of of what now is often regarded as spamming was born out of Safe-lists, where members in return for agreeing to accept advertising from other members of the safe-list could advertise to the entire list with no comeback or accusations of spam.

I have to hold my hand up and admit that I have in the past used safe-lists, which did appear work for a time, there are still a few around and like junk mail there a few buyers.

Yes if you are a seller its great to be able to send your offer to thousands of people at the push of a button but have you ever stopped to think how you would feel to be on the other end receiving the same information day after day.

The moderators of the social groups/communities have the power to ban people but few bother to use this power, perhaps because they have their agenda.

I belong to a number of groups where lively discussions take place on a regular basis and they can be great places to communicate with others, sharing your views and finding answers to questions you might have,

Marketing can be a tricky skill to master especially in a changing market, business growth around the world is at an all time low. This has prompted people to start a home business to provide additional income, however there are few places where you can get unbiased advice.

I have been involved with a project for the past few years, designed to help and nurture budding entrepreneurs. The project is in beta mode and I invite you to take a look, it easy to sign up with your social media ID, and I will see you on the other side. Http://

David Ogden
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